EnBW DTB Pokal 2023 - Delegations

Welcome Delegations! On this site you will find all important forms and useful documents for the EnBW DTB Pokal 2023. 

The EnBW DTB Pokal 2023 will take place from 17-19 March 2023. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail (delegations@enbw-dtbpokal.de) anytime for further details.

Competition Formats

Taking place at the very beginning of the 2023 season and with several competitions in one go, Stuttgart offers the perfect possibility to kick off the team preparation for the upcoming season's events.

In addition to the well-established Team Challenge for MAG and WAG, the EnBW DTB Pokal includes a Team Challenge for juniors (WAG: 14-15 years of age, MAG: 15-18 years of age).

In the Team Challenge a team consists of three to five athletes, three or four compete at each apparatus and the best three scores are taken into account for the team total. This competition format is well-suited for federations to bring their athletes together as a team and kick off the season with the upcoming annual highlights events.

Junior Team Challenge: There are 12 starting places for MAG and 8 for WAG.

(Senior) Team Challenge: There are 14 starting places for MAG and 10 for WAG.

The six best seniors and juniors of the Team Challenges per apparatus compete for the individual apparatus titles. There is only one spot per team per apparatus generating diverse starting fields. The apparatus finals give qualified athletes the chance to compete a second time in Stuttgart.

Four selected National Mixed Teams, consisting of 3 women and 3 men, compete on 4 chosen apparatuses for MAG and all 4 apparatuses for WAG. 2 men and 2 women compete per apparatus and all scores are taken into account for the team total. After 3 apparatuses per team, the intermediate results determine the participants for the Bronze Final and the Gold Final. In the finals, the scores start again at zero and the teams directly compete on their last apparatuses for the medals and the Mixed Cup Stuttgart victory.

The Mixed Cup Stuttgart federations have the possibility to compete at the Team Challenge as well to complete the top-notch starting field of the Team Challenge.